Musical Worship

Come and be involved in our musical worship. Whether you like to sing or enjoy playing an instrument. Music can be an amazing resource helping us draw closer to God.

You don’t need to be pitch perfect or concert standard. As singers and musicians our heart is to seek and listen to God, to love one another and to strive our best in our musical ability, whatever level that is at. If you haven’t sung or played for years, if you are just starting out or if you have years of experience you can be involved.

Our musical worship is co-ordinated by Ben Ling, who you can contact

Our aim is to hold on to the best of traditional worship whilst also exploring and developing worship styles that sit comfortably in our current culture.

St John’s has a relaxed Choir which sings  about 3 out of every 4 weeks, robes for our more formal services and which meets for fun and rehearsals on an ad hoc basis.

Our main Sunday morning Worship Service is supported by a variety of musicians including traditional Organ, pianists and a light rock styled band. We aim to encourage diversity of age, musical ability and style.



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